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Guangzhou scenic park suffers gun, harpoon and machete attack

Harpoon and machete carrying mob

Yesterday evening, at around 9pm, Caijing online (财经网) ran an article on an attack by 40 people on guards at the Grand World Scenic Park (世界大观) in Guangzhou. This picture show the weapons they were holding: machetes, spears, iron rods, and harpoons.

Following is a translation of the Caijing article, and a video from Ku6.com. The video slices off reporting from Guangzhou TV News about the attack, which interviews some of the guards who have been attacked, including one who had his collarbone broken and could not give an interview.

Apparently, according to the report, Guangdong Yongshida Investment Management Company had a deal with the scenic park which fell through. Its employees, it is alleged, were the perpetrators of the attack.

Guangzhou Grand World Scenic Park suffers gun-carrying mob attack

by Guo Weidi, Caijing; translation by Andrew Chubb

More than 40 assailants armed with guns, harpoons and other weapons mounted a violent attack on the Guangzhou Grand World Scenic Park early on Tuesday morning, injuring seven security guards. At the time this report was filed, five remained in hospital.

When this reporter arrived at the scene of the incident in Guangzhou's Tianhe District around 3pm Wednesday, several police officers were still collecting evidence. One said this was the second time police had come to collect evidence, the first being about 90 minutes after the attack. According to security staff, the first two police officers to arrive saw the situation was beyond their control and called for backup. Despite the presence of these officers, the attackers continued firing shots into the air before unhurriedly leaving the scene, swaggering and rampant.

This reporter was shown the attackers' harpoons and knives, still with spots of blood visible; a mangled security guard's helmet was still on the ground, also with blood inside. Guangzhou Grand World Scenic Park Ltd's person-in-charge told this reporter police had recovered 77-type handgun bullet cartridge cases.

The park's security footage shows the entire incident unfold. On the 7th of April at 4:52am, four white bread-vans and two small black cars suddenly drive into the park's forecourt. As the vehicles stop, more than 40 people wearing camouflage clothing pour out holding guns, harpoons and other implements of aggression, and rush towards the electrics room, park gate and security house. Six shots are fired.

According to a security guard surnamed Luo who was on duty in the electrics room at the time, three security guards were watching TV in the electrics rooms when 10 or more attackers broke down the door, rushed in and without a word of explanation commenced bashing the guards.

Grand World's person-in-charge said when ambulance teams arrived they could not reach the injured officers as the attackers were still holding them captive.

"Our biggest concern right now is not a question of the company's operation, it's a question of worker safety," the park's person-in-charge said, adding everyone at the company had been frightened. It is understood the park will pay the injured officers' medical bills. Two are currently in a serious condition, one after being shot in the collarbone. The officer underwent surgery today but is still not out of danger as the bullet has yet to be removed.

The park's visitor numbers have dropped abruptly in the wake of the attack. A relevant company representative said Tuesday and Wednesday saw almost no visitors at all. While at the scene this reporter did not see any security guards watching the front gate. The person-in-charge said security guard numbers were tight but the park had no plans to advertise for more officers, and was instead rotating other staff to fill the breach.

From the New Express website

Grand World's person-in-charge claimed there was already enough evidence to conclude the attack was carried out on behalf of Guangdong Yongshida Investment Management Company. The person-in-charge said witnesses had recognised several Yongshida employees among the 40-strong mob. As this reporter made inquiries, police officers were taking witness statements. The security footage and fingerprints on the weapons left at the scene may also be used as evidence.

Grand World and Yongshida once signed an investment and management agreement in early 2005, but by the end of that year Grand World had for some reason decided to cancel the contract. Since 2006, Yongshida has accroached a large amount of Grand World's property and capital, and failed to pay more than 1 million yuan worth of utility bills, management fees, rent and other expenses. Grand World had no choice but to cut off Yongshida's electricity and water, and the park's person-in-charge claimed Yongshida had "many times sent people to attack our switch room". Citing examples, he said in February 2006 Yongshida's people had robbed Grand World's switching house, seriously injuring one security guard; and in January this year had "even tried to set fire to the electrics room right in front of police officers".

This reporter understands the Yongshida Company folded in 2007, and its subsidiary restaurants ceased operations last year. If Grand World's allegations are correct, why would Yongshida people mount this attack? Grand World's person-in-charge said between 2007 and the beginning of 2008 Grand World and the (bankrupt) Yongshida had been to court to determine the cause of their economic dispute. The decision went Yongshida's way, but the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court ruled that the case had to be re-heard. In February 2009 a new hearing began, and "could very well overturn the result of the first hearing". Grans World's person-in-charge said: "We have already been to court twice but we are still waiting on a decision." This is why the Grand World side believes this week's attack could be the work of Yongshida. The person-in-charge added since the attack occurred there had been no communication with the Yongshida side.

During Tuesday's violent incident the attackers were carrying at least 3 guns. Grand World's person-in-charge said they considered the violence to be organized criminal behavior.

The Grand World Scenic Park is right next to the Olympic Sports Center that will next year host the Asian Games; the area's security problems are sure to attract attention.

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