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Blogger Wang Xiaofeng sticks it to the man

This episode of Danwei TV's Hard Hat Show is an interview with blogger and San Lian Life Week journalist Wang Xiaofeng

Wang is not afraid to poke fun at sacred cows or to curse China's excitable young Internet users. His acerbic style and sense of humor have made him your correspondent's favorite Chinese blogger. In person, he does not disappoint.

We discussed Beijing culture — or the lack of of it — swearing, idiots on the Internet, Northeastern Chinese jokes about sex, blogging, and the meretricious behavior of Sina.com. This ten minute program was cut from 40 minutes of tape. If you understand Chinese, you can listen to the whole interview as an audio podcast on this post.

If the video is jerky, try pressing the pause button after it starts playing, leave it for a few minutes and then press play again. If you are not in China, you may prefer to watch the Youtube version of this video for faster loading, on Danwei TV.

If you want to know more about Wang Xiaofeng, this is a selection of Danwei translations from his blog and articles that mention him.

Sexy Beijing is now on its own website: check the latest episodes at www.sexybeijing.tv

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Comments on Blogger Wang Xiaofeng sticks it to the man

Link to the chinese version seems to be broken?

[Editors note: Thanks, fixed -- JG

Excellent, that Wang Xiaofeng looks like a real character - I bet he's great to share a beer or ten with!

WXF's frankness should be commended....its all too rare. His phrase '特操蛋的一种文化' is by far the raddest thing I've heard said in Chinese this week...


Interesting stuff although it might be difficult to understand for people who don't follow Chinese media no?

HA,GOOD JOB! I love it so much.

Bloody hell, cracking! This is so good and help to let off my repugnance against nowadays disgusting blog/web mass culture in China.

great interview..
i guess he really put those "celebrities" back to their place!!!

I want to get more hits on my website....and i want to express myself as well..in other words, i wanna be famous just like Xu Jing Lei

Freaking Brilliant!

Keep up the good work!

ROFLMAO! This clip is hillarious. Of course, this is how most Beijingers talk in daily life, you just can't see it on mainstream media. This is awesome. And brilliant analogy between Sina dominance on blogs and the US war in Iraq!

Nice interview. So many new Chinese swear words to learn....


So when's the Lao Luo interview coming up? And is Li Yinhe still doing interviews?

An interesting interview -- would have been nice to get some specific examples of blogs he thought were particularly egregious, but I guess mocking in the specific is still too dangerous.

Which is a pity, because unlike say 2 years ago, it seems a little too "un-dangerous" to simply mock in the abstract.

Pity too to leave uncut Jeremy's giggling at the pathetic joke at the end, as surely we've gone past "flied lice is velly nice" -- and its Chinese equivalent -- in the humour stakes?

No? Then I guess I'll just have to say bai bai.

Jeremy's insight is very special and he is trying to dig out some new aspects of cultural phenomenon.

may I recommend my blog here and welcome bloggers share my viewpoints over some issues? thanks

Against my usual dislike of fan boys and girls cheering mindlessly in a blog's comment section, I would like to be one myself, just once and just for this occasion. Danwei and Buxu Liangxiang are my favorite blogs on China. For someone who grew up in Beijing but has been living oceans away for a decade, reading both blogs has brought my heart closer to home. I appreciate the excellent choice of topics by both bloggers, and love hearing the accents in each post -- Beijing, dongbei, 70's, 80's, 90's, 21st century, as well as the two and many English-es Wang fondly joked about and Gold Corn is so capable of speaking. It is extremely gratifying for me to watch my two favorite bloggers on China sitting in a bar in my hometown, chatting along, over a puff of smoke and a cup of tea! (On a different note, I come to like Susan Jakes very much as well. It would be a treat to see three of you chatting...)

Haha that was some funny funny stuff.

Love danwei.tv and this website.

Hope to see you all in Beijing soon...

I think i might be missing something here. Ok, it's nice to hear a dissenting voice, and i dislike the pretence of these celebrity bloggers that what they're doing is art, when in fact it's all so heavily commercialised. But if Wang Xiaofeng wasn't Chinese, would what he's saying be anything special? Judging by this interview alone he is just a bit of a grumpy old man who has the typical disdain of the intellectual for the commercial world. Maybe all the wit and insight is in his blog - i'll have to go and have a look - but on this evidence i wouldn't say he's that amusing or impressive.

I don't think SB(san biao)should be flirted this much. His dirty word is not the same as English word "F*** ", because F*** can be said both by male and female. Have you notice that he seldom uses the word "dick"? He, together with LaoLuo, always uses the word "Silly Pu***". It is a male –centered dirty word. They take humiliating female for granted. Obviously, it is a traditional Chinese dirty word. However, as a best blogger in China, he should be taught how to respect women, rather than be flirted on his putting them down. In the last paragraph of a blog I v written, I have criticized him for this (link). I am not against dirty words. (However, they should be kept sexual-balanced at least.) I am against the inheritance of humiliating woman in dirty words.

dude, this is going to be another entry in my "Chinese Urban Dictionary"

PRETTY COOL.he got a quite personality.and his personality somes through in his words.

though i seldomly speak dirty words,but i prefer to use this way to vent my anger:)


I think he's probably just the kind of people who are called Shabi by himself...

when was the first Hard Hat Show made and when was the last, or is it still being made?

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