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Gay Shanghai

The Shanghai Beat is a new Danwei TV show hosted by Adam Schokora and covering life in Shanghai. The first episode is about gay nightlife and concludes with a music video of the band Banana Monkey. Watch it on Youtube and Brightcove for fast loading outside China.

More about this episode:

Gay Shanghai
Featured Band: Banana Monkey, performing "Drunk Daddy"

In this episode, Adam spends the evening exploring all things gay in Shanghai with local scene queen, Comrade Yutian, a self-proclaimed expert on queer Shanghai. The show also features a performance by the Shanghainese band Banana Monkey, shot in their rehearsal studio in early September.

Feel free to interact with the show by leaving comments here on Danwei or pinging any of the contact details listed toward the end of the episode.

Written, shot, edited and produced by Adam Schokora and Ginger Xiang. Special thanks to:

Chi Heng Foundation
Hot Water Bottle

• Stay tuned for episode 2: an interview with the founders of Neocha, an online networking platform bringing together China's creative communities, with musical guest Hard Queen.

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Comments on Gay Shanghai

Several years ago, this topic can not be accepted by the majority, but now, see, it got a big change.

One of my friend's friend is a lesbian, and she can have the confidence to tell all the people around that she loves girls. I think it's ok, because I respect to her choice and people should have this freedom to choose whatever they like.

Now in Tianjin and Beijing, I seldom saw this kinda bars or restaurants, maybe some day, if I got plenty money, I will open one.

PS I'm not a lesbian, I just have bunch of girl intimate friends :)

Great job...though it was more of an advertisement than a deep look into Shanghai's gay community. I would like to see a part 2 with less club names and more experiences.

Interesting, but I too would have been interested in more experiences and how it compares with other cities. I suppose this is hard because it was presented by a straight man, but it was still an interesting video. Look forward to more!

Nice one, can you do the same thing for Beijing?

"Great job...though it was more of an advertisement than a deep look into Shanghai's gay community. I would like to see a part 2 with less club names and more experiences."
---Jin Si Hou

F...that!!!!!!!! Adam, you did a fine job. Keep on Truckin'.

I think its the first TV show on Danwei in a long time I watched in its entirety.

"PS I'm not a lesbian, I just have bunch of girl intimate friends :)"

Why do you have to note this. Are you afraid of someone thinking you are gay? For the record, I FRITZ am also NOT a lesbian.

Great show Adam and Ginger, very engaging content and fantastic editing. Keep up the great work and I look forward to all the future shows!


Nice video, but I wish that it didn't start playing itself (even when paused). Maybe its just my mac fucking up, but... thought you should know.

As to the video's content: agreed, too much name dropping, but altogether really interesting, would be cool to take more time to get into each topic :)

Juhuacha: Like everything else that annoys me about the Internet in China (aside from the Nanny), it's a Mac Firefox problem.

I am getting ready to leave the cult.

although i live in shanghai.but i don't know anything about the gay in shanghai.hehe, the video is great and the topic is also interesting.do more best as a host , i think you can!

This is really cool DV. Either in the style or the contents.

Well done Xiao Shi:>

Jiayou Jiayou!!!

Not bad~
Maybe you can make a video like this about a Gay guide of Beijing;)hahaha~

It's cool for an expats to do a film about gay in china. very nice. my city is lanzhou, northwest part of china, which has some famous bars of gays/les.

if the research could go deeper adding a kind of interview, though difficult,it will be more impressive.

Cheers, xiao shi.

impressive, keep up the good work you guys!

Sooo... it's "gei" in Shanghai, and 同志 in Beijing?


Congrats to Adam on a nice job. Jeremy and Juhuacha: have you tried Camino? My Mac and vid cooperated fine with that.

Or just use a PC ;)

I'd be interested to hear more about whether Chinese think like weiwei implied in her comment, that homosexuality is a choice rather than genetic.

An unrelated story: When I taught at a university in nowheresville, China, most students seemed unable to believe there were even any gays among them--I showed one girl a picture I took in Poachers that happened to (coincidence, I swear) catch two girls who seemed to be making out with each other, and she couldn't believe what she was seeing. She had also said, quite honestly I think, that she would had no problem with gay men but lesbians, for lack of a better word, were 'dangerous.'

wow,your chinese is much more better than I expected.

That's so cool.cheers~~~I will keep attention to it!

why you western decadent in china? stay in usa!!!!

That's how we roll, comrade...

Personally I love to lick stuff off people's sleeves, especially in front of a homophobic Chinese, and especially in the bathroom...


really liked the video but the first part was too long. and is banana monkey gay or why put them with the gay guide?

Adam, Great stuff, and I was surprised:)

Personally, I enjoyed watching the show, and be honest, I think you are kinda brave to shoot video about this topic: homosexual is kinda sensitive in China and their world is so exclusive, from my past experience - I used to know sb who is a lasbien - they are kinda afraid to let people know that they are homosexual.

Well, I look forward to seeing you explord more about Shanghai urban life. Quite interesing:)))

all these critics can eat jiaozi until their Duqiers (belly buttons) pop open.
until they get off their arses and make a video they have no right to comment on your fine craftsmanship.
Keep on truckin'

Xiao Shi,

Really surprised the content you focused on, and it's the first time i know all these gay bars, the true thing around us. Look forward your next episode!

Hey, Adam the author of the video asked me to post a comment regarding Club Deep's police raid Sat Oct 26th.

The club was raided by over 20 police officer at around 1:30am during the Halloween gogo boy show, no offical reason for the raid has been given - though several drug aressts were made on the night.

Deep now looks like it's going to be closed for the next 3 weeks.

@Steve, thanks for sharing Steve. Cheers, AjS

Why put up perverted things like gay shit here?

what a great production!! i think shanghai is the most gay-friendly city in China now. wish i were living there~~ we don't have anything posh here in xi'an. all the drag cross-talks just creep me out~~

wow, you know some many gay places, even me, living in shanghai, never heard about that in the past... but some of the places look very out of date, except mint and deep... hoho, maybe i should show this DV to my boss^^ he must be very interested^^
but i've been to mint for several times, seems no lesbians..

^_^ 制作得很好哦~ Look forward your next episode

More on Club Deep's closing and (the return of Pink Home?) from the Shanghaiist.



I don't think the masses can get to understand this; at least I can't. I don't see anything positive is shown is this video. I don't mean any sexual prejudice but, I was thinking like the so-called gay culture was like this ? And this didn't make it to leave a good impression on me.
This video makes me feel like they are so different from us straight guys (but actually is this true?), making more misunderstandings.

the gay culture is as diverse as the straight culture. shanghai is well renowned for its nightlife, subcultures and many other crazy things that go bump/hump in the night. many of my straight male friends club with me at gay spots. reasoning is people like me have been subjected to many prejudices which in turn makes us stronger,open and ready to party to dance away the intolerances. lucky for my straight male friends many of my other gay friends have geourgeous female friends known as fag hags and love body writhing on the disco floor! personal experience these girls find my mates more open minded, new age metro sexual heterosexuals and are enticed to their personas not just their genitalia ー whether a 1 night rel or further pos future together. respect, i have enjoyed my str8 male buddies appreciation of nightlife with me as a good mate no matter the space. as for the community side of things and the response to the issue of an alarming increase of youth suicide in china wrt being a gay chinese i am happy to announce a social group with a mix of gay foreigners and local chinese that will help this issue thru workshops,events and social activities that help one's esteem and maybe their self id's to where they fit into this world rather than suffer in silence or lose face. checkout shanghai's gay/bi men`s group : menatwk@gmail.com
adam thanks for giving another perspective of what gay is from a straight man's view. i am sure others will see further that one's view does not rep the majority, but collectively many positive views will bring about a brighter future and harmony among diff's may triumph.
thumbs and jumps up!
ivan oz (ausbornchinese)

Hey here's another question for you: what are Chinese most famous and common gay chat communities? Because I logged on on a foreign one and there are Chinese guys but I imagine there must be far larger communities on the i-net.
Would be very happy about answers.
Thanks to everyone anyway. Feili (German)

中国最有名的和共同的同志聊天很多 可以在GOOGLE寻找
电子邮箱 438196036@qq.com CHAIN BOY

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