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Updated China video website list

The list of players in the Chinese online video space published on Danwei a few days ago has expanded to include more than 20 companies. Below is the updated list. As of 2007.05.23, comments to this post are closed because of increasing spam, so please send any updates or corrections to the feedback address on the about page.

This list will continue to be updated as new information comes to us. It's also worth looking at the video site comparison at China Web2.0 Review, which says there are more than 150 such websites in China and compares seven of them for ease-of-use etc.

Video hosting and sharing websites

Apparently China's first video sharing site, Tudou already has enough funding to weather the coming storms.

This site has a slightly tabloid feel to it and is a good place to find video that are generating a lot of online discussion in China.

Also well-funded, Rox has been doing online video and Internet TV technology for quite some time.

6 Rooms
Very similar in layout and functions to Youtube, loads fast in Beijing.

If you listen to hip hop and read literary theory, you may find the name amusing.

A Danwei TV episode of Sexy Beijing is on this website, in two different uploads, one from Danwei, one from someone else (1, 2). Adding viewing stats for both uploads, 56.com says that the episode has been viewed nearly four hundred thousand times. But that's all we know about the site.

China On TV
Aimed at expatriates, this online TV station produces shows aimed at travelers, students and business people, and agggregates video content from other sources.

With its name referencing Korean citizen journalism website OhmyNews (English site here), and copy on the website that encourages users to go out and act like journalists and editors, this website is is bound to be interesting if it can keep going.

Has the feel of a Chinese BBS or Internet forum, which might make it a winner in this market.

Also very Youtube, but they are producing their own TV style programs (here is an interview with "Yangzhou's bus beauty").

Qing Yule
Requires software download to view videos; this site looks like a Chinese BBS.

Billing itself as China's "first entertainment interactive portal". It has active an BBS section, and offers video and photo uploads as well as news and other traditional portal functions.

Umee hosts videos and also allows users to search other video websites and allows users to watch those videos on the UUme page.
From Kaiser: "UUme, by the way, is owned by Oak Pacific Interactive, which also owns Mopcom. Oak's capo di tutti capi, Joseph Chen, is said to have gutted the size of the team working on UUme after learning that there are some 400 video sharing sites in China."
Uume.com has a similar URL but appears to be unconnected with Uume, and does not seem to function.

From Kaiser: "It has some pretty strong backers and a founder with a good pedigree (Baidu, Tengxun, Xunlei)."

Mojiti has launched Chinese and English versions of its site which does not host video, but allows users to make collections of videos on other video sites, and to search other user collections and video sites.

After seeing this post, Mojiti founder Eric Feng wrote to Danwei and explained: "Our mission at Mojiti is to help users tell their own stories with any online video. We're not a video search engine - instead, we want to help users personalize video to create a more engaging viewing experience."

Another Youtube-like site with added functions: Biku offers video file downloads for MP3 players and mobile phones, although we could not get this function to work after a brief trial.

A video sharing website with a BBS feel, OuOu has a large section of Flash animations.

5 Show
Lots of webcam videos of dancing, lip synching girls. The website has links to different servers for different ADSL networks to offer faster loading times.

Mantou TV
The name is a reference to Steamed Bun spoof of Chen Kaige's movie that made its author the video mashup artists Hu Ge β€” and the word e gao (恢搞 - spoofing) β€” popular in China. The website's tagline is "The first choice for short original videos".

Video sharing website that only works on Internet Explorer, and requires a software download.

Supposedly a video sharing site, this would not load at all (Nov 22), but is apparently the same thing as
Maidee which was working.

With Chinese and English versions, this site bills itself as "A stage to showcase your creativities,
A place to share & monetize your productions." It even has its own virtual currency, the Bollar. Like many of these sites, it does not seem to work on a Mac.

Calling itself a podcast host, this website offers video and audio file sharing and customizable user pages that feel a little like MySpace.

This site allows video uploads and sharing, and also makes video available for download to mobile phones.

Standard video sharing site.

Sina and Tencent
From Bill in the comments:
"You might want to also add the big guys like Tencent and Sina. They have both soft-launched video upload sites, and i don't think there is any reason they won't crush all these startups, just as Sina blogs crushed Bokee and Blogcn... (see comments section for more)"

John Kennedy in the comments also points out these sites: video.daqi.com, Ourpod.cn, Podlook, 91vc.com, 54ck.com, Podcast.com.cn and YS321.com.


Video search

Mojiti and Uume.com let users search other video websites for content. Neither of them is as slick and easy to use as the new U.S. based site Blinkx.

Internet TV websites

Offers movies and TV shows on a pay per download basis.

It seems to be free, but requires software download. The site also offers Mp4s for download, as well as mobile phones formats.

China.com's new video play; professionally produced and user generated content.

Real time streaming Chinese TV and movies with subtitles. Very hight quality stream.

Similar to above, untested by this writer.

Video downlaods of TV programs, movies etc.

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Comments on Updated China video website list

anyone MySpace users in China finding it impossible to access profiles (but are able to log-in)? I'm beginning to feel it has been blocked by Net Nanny. in my blog, i have explained why i think so. if i am permitted to post a link in this comment, then please hop over to http://peoplesrepublicof.blog.com/1290806/ at my People's Republic of... site. Any feedback would be interesting. Cheers.

I usually look for video of police attacks and protests, things that tend to get deleted off Chinese sites but make it to Youtube eventually. On the other hand, things that tend to get deleted off Youtube can often be found on Chinese sites. :)
Here's just a few others I pop by every now and then.

http://www.molive.cn/ (photo only)

And off-topic, but a good list of some 2.0-type sites here:

you might want to also add the big guys like tencent and sina. they have both soft-launched video upload sites, and i don't think there is any reason they won't crush all these startups, just as sina blogs crushed bokkee and blogcn. the only barrier to entry to this business is the size of your audience. the technology is trivial, and while the infrastructure can get expensive, cash has been very cheap for most of these startups. but none of them can touch sina or tencent when it comes to audience size. several of these sites--wangyou, tudou, 6rooms to name three--are actively trying to raise money. i assume they want to capitalize on the youtube bubble, and they have probably blown through most of their cash. in spite of the hype around youtube, google had to advance them usd$15m before the deal close to pay the bills.

maybe there will be someone vc outside of china who thinks that one of those guys has a chance to become the youtube of china, but that won't happen. the big chinese companies won't buy, they will just build it themselves. expect baidu, netease and sohu to roll out video sharing sites soon, if they have not already.

Interesting article on Yoqoo and the massive traffic they got for posting the 2 Zhang Yu sex tapes.

"Relevant authorities" made them remove the tapes from the site early this week.


What about Subaye.com?

HONG KONG, Dec. 4 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Telecom Communications, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: TCOM - News), the Total Solutions Provider, announced today that its subsidiary, Subaye.com corporate video sharing channel has generated more than 16,000 enterprise video new users to uploads, storage, sharing and publishing 30 day period. It is currently over 160% growth from last month.

The Subaye.com enterprise video service revenue generating monthly fee of $60 for each business user starts on November 1. "Almost 90% of users paid monthly fee for continue service after 30 days free of charge period. An amount of $673,800 first monthly fee income has been received in November.

Interesting listing of video sharing sites. I'll be posting a link to your listings on my blog the Web Chef's e-Bytes early next week. I try to track some of the developments in the online video sharing space around the world, with a healthy dose of other Internet marketing trends.

Your readers might also find the recent story in Business Week on the status of Chinese Web 2.0 start-ups of interest.

Looks like Yoqoo.com is doing the classical chinese thing: rip off everything you can to build an audience. Seems popular as it has huge content of humorous shorts ripped from US and european (and even japanese) TV series.
Good on baby and situational videos.

Anyone willing to provide info on how to download video files from Yoqoo or 6rooms and other chinese video sites

www.bocoo.com will release version 2 on March 24,it will promote very greatly in function and hardware.

Are there any Videoegg type hosts in China that will integrate into your website?


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